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Door safety for children

Door Safety - Anti Finger Trapping Devices.

Fingerkeeper finger guards product range.

Door safety matters - finger trapping in door hinges can be painful for all concerned.

If your premises fall within the scope of the Heath, Safety and Welfare Regulations then you could be deemed negligent if reasonable door safety precautions had not been taken* and a finger trapping accident occurs.

Protect yourself and users of your premises by fitting finger guards to high risk doorways.

Prices (ex vat) range from under £5 to £167 and with a choice of guard models under £14 can you afford not too?

A Finger Guard Bargain:

Elite Finger Guard in closed position.


Finger Saver Elite (above) is a budget priced finger guard available in white, brown or black from stock.

A robust guard for the price point, it is 1950mm long, fits most door types and allows opening up to 180°. It is also available to special order in other colours and infection control versions.


Fingerkeeper front hinge guard.

Our most popular product FingerKeeper Protect comes in front and rear hinge versions (matching colours) to completely shield the gaps between hinge and door edge on both sides of the door.


Both front and rear guard types are easily but securely fitted.

Available in a range of styles and colours to fit most types of door including uPVC, wood and metal. We stock several models for automated doors too.

Ordering Guards:

UK delivery is a flat rate £9.99 for any size of order.

Cards are billed to 'StormFlame', the parent company.

Or you can print an order to fax or email and send a cheque.


Realistic woodgrain door finger guards.

Ask for free samples of colours and materials.

child logoChildren, particularly infants, are the most likely victims of finger trapping and could suffer great distress and even disfigurement from such a simple accident - and one so easily prevented.

* HS&W Regs. 'Doors and gates must be fitted with the necessary safety devices .. '

We have hinge guards to fit most door types including external gates, fully automatic doors and all glass doors.

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Easy fitting with basic DIY skills.

Durable, low maintenance, wipe clean finishes.

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Full fitting kits included. Easily removed for door maintenance

Suitable for new-fit or retro-fit.

child logoSome devices act as secondary draughtproofing and/or smoke seals and are UL fire rated.


Delivery by TNT is normally next day in the mainland UK.

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FingerKeeper finger shields, also known as hinge guards, are door safety products designed to prevent finger trapping accidents in doors by acting as a barrier to inquisitive fingers but which allow the normal free movement of doors.