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Windows Restrictors - Locking Cable Type.

Locking Window Restrictor.

Our Price: £6.99 including vat in white or brown finish.

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HSE compliant locking window restirctors.


Conforms to HSE requirements for Window Restrictor design.

A window restrictor protects babies and children from falls from windows.

Allows natural ventilation without introducing a safety / security risk for children.

Key Points

Suitable for use on a wide range of window styles and materials.

Uses UV and corrosion resistant materials for long life.

Robust, durable and easy to fit.

Anti-MRSA additive in plastic covering for maximum hygiene.

Supplied with fittings and instructions.

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Can be used on all types of windows and doors including uPVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles and balcony doors.


Window restrictor - cable type, showing window ajar for ventilation.


Cable restricts window opening to under 100mm.

Window can be fully opened by unlocking the restrictor cable.

Locked restrictor can withstand forces over 100kg ( 220 lbs. / 15 stone / 980Nm) - industry standard is 50kg.

Exceeds strength requirements of EN 16281 (Consumer fitted child resistant locking devices for windows and balcony doors.)

Conforms to HSE advisory on Window Restrictor Design (show).


Locking system and key resistant to oxidation and corrosion - made of a zinc alloy cast body and a nickel plated pin.

Plastic coverings are UV resistant and have a MRSA resistant additive that kills bacteria on contact.

Avilable in White or Brown versions the window restrictor kit includes:

Fitting instructions
4x Self-drilling screws
1x Steel cable,
1x Locking system with plastic cover
1x Key.

Lockable cable window restrictor kits.

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Colour / Finish


Cable Window Restrictor Kit - White

100mm Cable





Cable Window Restrictor Kit - Brown

100mm Cable





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