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Corner Guard - Safety Padding minimises injury and damage in collisions of children, adults or vehicles with the sharp edges of walls, support pillars etc. Padding products are manufactured to the highest standards and to the optimum specification for its purpose and operating environment. For example the corner guard intended to protect children is manufactured from child-safe materials.

Window Restrictors allow for safe and secure natural ventilation while guarding against the risk of falls from windows, balcony doors etc. or from intruders. Restrictors can be unlocked as required for full window opening.

A Safety Product Called Corner Guard Wall Protection In Various Colours

Corner Guard Wall Protection

£11.94 | £9.95 (ex. VAT)

Budget Corner guard - wall protection strips | Perfect for environments where children are to protect them from accidents.

A Safety Product Called Wall Corner Guards / Edge Guards In Various Colours

Wall Corner Guards / Edge Guards

£20.10 | £16.75 (ex. VAT)

Protective padding strip for use on wall corners, windowsills, table corners etc. | Prevents collision injuries | Ideal for nurseries / childcare.

A Safety Product Called Corner Guard Industrial In Black And Yellow Colour

Corner Guard Industrial

£29.94 | £24.95 (ex. VAT)

A heavy duty, reflective corner guard | Protect your wall edges in warehouse's, garages, car parks or factories | 18mm thick padding with an aluminium strip size: 1000 x 95 x 95mm

Window Restrictors Prevent Falls From Open Windows

Window Restrictors

£6.99 | £5.83 (ex. VAT)

Window Restrictors prevent children falling from open windows | Fits all types of window | Tested to EN 13126-5 : 2011 + A1 : 2014 | Supplied as a complete kit.

A Safety Product Called Dorgard SmartSound In Black Or White Colour

Dorgard SmartSound

£127.20 | £106.00 (ex. VAT)

Dorgard SmartSound is a wireless solution for legally holding open fire doors, allowing them to automatically close when the unit listens for the frequency of the alarm | Black colour available.

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