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FingerKeeper Protect Rear White Product measurements FingerKeeper Protect Rear White Product
FingerKeeper Protect Rear White Product On A Half Open Door
FingerKeeper Protect Rear White Product On An Open Door

FingerKeeper Protect Rear

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Rear Hinge Gap Protector | Covers the rear hinge opening gap | Colour matched to front guard.

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FingerKeeper Protect Rear


  • FingerKeeper Protect Rear is a child safety, accident prevention product to prevent finger trapping in doors.
  • Shields the rear hinges of the door.
  • Fits most door types.
  • Long anticipated lifespan.
  • Durable but easily fixed - foolproof design ensures simple DIY fitting.
  • Low maintenance - wipe clean finish.
  • Easily removed and refitted to allow for door maintenance.
  • Sold in 1960mm lengths.
  • Full fitting kit included.
  • Avoid litigation and compensation claims.
  • Easily removed and re-fitted to allow door maintenance.
  • Available in different colours to match existing décor.

Product Description:

FingerKeeper Protect Rear prevents finger trapping accidents by totally covering the gap that is created on the rear hinge side of a door when it is in the open position. The FingerKeeper rear guard device can be fitted to most types of doors including wood, metal and uPVC.

Used in conjunction with FingerKeeper Commercial Front, which covers the front hinges, the risk of finger trapping accidents on the hinge edge of the door is eliminated. The device is considered to be environmentally friendly. Simple to install, with a long life expectancy and easily removed and refitted without glue or nails. Screws are recommended (and supplied) for heavily traffic areas.

Every year, according to RoSPA, over 30,000 children are injured in the UK as a result of trapping their fingers in doors.

Product Specification:

  • Sold in 1960mm lengths and in many colours.
  • Please note all images shown are for illustration purposes only.
FingerKeeper Commercial Front Specifications
Product Code Description Size Colour
AFFKWHH FingerKeeper Protect Rear 1960mm White
AFFKBRH FingerKeeper Protect Rear 1960mm Brown
AFFKBEEH FingerKeeper Protect Rear 1960mm Beech
AFFKBEIH FingerKeeper Protect Rear 1960mm Beige
AFFKBLKH FingerKeeper Protect Rear 1960mm Black
AFFKGRH FingerKeeper Protect Rear 1960mm Grey
AFFKBLUH FingerKeeper Protect Rear 1960mm Blue

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