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A hinge guard (anti finger trapping device) developed by Raven Products to suit the most demanding environments.

Raven RP62 door finger guards for single or double swing doors.

The hinge guard consists of an EPDM safety strip which prevents fingers being jammed between the hinge side of a door and the door jamb.

The action of closing the door pushes fingers that would otherwise be trapped away from the danger zone.

Suits butt hinged or centre pivot (double swing) doors.

Permits 90° or 180° door opening angles.

Standard Version:
2100mm long anodised satin aluminium carrier with black EPDM guard material and black cover strips to conceal screw fixings (see above). Standard finger guard material width is 157mm: a wider 260mm version is also available.

Finger Guard dimensions

Wide Version: A wide version with a 260mm wide strip, compared to the standard 157mm shown above, is available. Apart from width, all features are the same as the standard version.

Long Version: A long version, 2500mm instead of the standard 2100mm is available. Apart from length, all features are the same as the standard version.

Reversible Brown/White Version:
The PVC finger guard material is brown on one side and white on the other and can be matched to a brown or white door frame at time of fitting. In 2100mm lengths only.

Reversible finger guard strip

All types can be cut to the length required or butt jointed to make longer guards.

Fixing Method:
Zinc plated, cross recess head S.T. screws of the appropriate size are supplied. Fixing holes are slotted. Push-in cover strip.

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Key Points

Very heavy duty

In 2100mm and 2500mm lengths.

Works with double swing doors - fit two guards as illustrated.

Long anticipated lifespan.

Full fitting kit included.

Acts as a secondary smoke inhibitor and draught excluder.

Easily removed and re-fitted to allow door maintenance.

Wider version and Longer version available.

Reversible Brown/White version available.

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Finger Keeper Industrial Standard.



Black EPDM Rubber



Finger Keeper Industrial
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Black EPDM Rubber



Finger Keeper Industrial
Long (2500mm)



Black EPDM Rubber



Finger Keeper Industrial
'Reversible' PVC.



Brown/White PVC



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