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FingerKeeper guard colours and finishes.Make doors safe for children. Prevent finger trapping accidents by covering the hinge gaps of open doors.

Every year, according to RoSPA, thousands of children suffer finger trapping injuries in doors.

FingerKeeper is a simple device that covers the hinge side of a door and prevents fingers from being trapped between the door and the frame.

It can be fitted to most types of doors including wood, metal and uPVC.

Extremely simple to install, has a long life expectancy and can be easily removed and refitted.

Schools, Day Care Centres, Nurseries and other with a similar duty of care can create a safer environment and avoid inhury and potentially costly and disruptive injury claims. You may also benefit from reduced insurance premiums to cover the cost of purchase and installation.

Various FingerKeeper colours available including Teak and Beech finishes to ensure it matches existing décor.

Ask here for our FingerKeeper colour sample pack.



A wide version, with four folding panels instead of three, is available for bigger door hinge gaps, in White or Brown.

Wide gap  finger guard option.


A long 2100mm version is available for taller door hinge gaps, in a White or Brown colour only.

For total protection from finger trapping injuries in doors see also the rear hinge guard - FingerKeeper Rearguard, which is colour matched to the FingerKeeper Protect front guard.

Key Points

FingerKeeper Door Finger Guard (front).

Fits most door types.

Sold in 1960mm Standard and Wide lengths or 2100mm Long lengths.

Will also protect many types of external gate.

Long anticipated lifespan.

Durable but easily fixed - foolproof design ensures simple DIY fitting.

Low maintenance - wipe clean finish.

Full fitting kit included.

Easily removed and re-fitted to allow door maintenance.

Standard and Wide versions available.

Compare products quickly - door safety products guide.


Available to buy in a range of colours and sizes starting from £12.95 (ex VAT)

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Secure payments by WorldPay and PayPal

Phone: 01329 841 416 Fax: 01329 841 417

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